Amy Leonard-King

Amy Leonard-King

Hi there, and welcome to Amy Leonard-King ~ Yoga For Life.

After much heartache and soul-searching in my twenties, when I felt lost, uninspired and hadn’t a clue where my life should be going, I found that the one solid constant was the Yoga mat that I kept coming back to. I wanted to know more, so I dove right in…

I’m now a Melbourne-based yoga teacher and owner of Yoga Corner, my gorgeous studio located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. I am deeply passionate about sharing yoga with others, anyone who is open and willing to take that first step ~ and you’re here, so that’s you. I teach regular weekly classes at Yoga Corner, and also offer special workshops, events + teacher training.

If you’re looking for a deeper immersive experience, head on over to view my upcoming Retreats, an offering I have been fortunate enough to have shared since 2014, travelling both locally and also around the world. You can practice Yoga anywhere, and it is a practice of coming hOMe, but sometimes an adventure out of our regular life, and a little out of our comfort zone is exactly what we need to re-ignite the flame of light deep inside of ourselves…

If you like to read, and the philosophical side of this wisdom tradition is your jam, my Blog is where I share some pondering inspiration. If it’s some guidance for your home practice you’re after, I’m working on sharing a rich offering of online classes, and in the meantime you can find some short, free practices here to get you started.



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"Your yoga practice might start on the mat, but over time, and with passion + dedication, you will watch as it trickles into every aspect of your life."