"Your yoga practice might start on the mat, but over time, and with passion + dedication, you will watch as it trickles into every aspect of your life."


For me, my journey with Yoga was not straight forward, but it was inevitable, there was no way I was going to get through this life without it crossing my path and infiltrating the way that I experience this human existence. It was a slow and steady, up and down ride into what is now not only a daily practice, but something that touches every corner of my life.

After completing high school, I did what a lot of us do, and went to University under the steady, loving guidance of my parents, to complete a BCom at Melbourne University. I stepped from there almost straight into working in the corporate world, where I muddled through, trying it on to see how it might fit (read: moved jobs, companies, and half way across the world), whilst going through a deeper journey searching for my life’s passion. My desire to create a job that was also something I felt passionate about finally lead me to taking a first Yoga Teacher Training whilst living in London, as the Yoga practice, through all my searching, learning, and trial and error, had been the one most supportive constant. And I wanted to go deeper.

From there it was a sealed deal. Yoga was my life, and there had to be a way to share it, seeking to aid others in their journey back to Self, as I had experienced on this path.

I have since spent my days and recent years teaching Yoga, opening up my gorgeous studio in Melbourne ~ Yoga Corner, travelling and studying under Yoga teachers from many different lineages including Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Anusara, Yin Yoga + Restorative Yoga both here in Melbourne and all over the world, and most recently and importantly ~ Jivamukti Yoga with my divine teachers Sharon Gannon + David Life in New York. 

I am consistently humbled and inspired by the opportunity to share my love and joy of the practices of Yoga with anyone willing to take that first step onto the Yoga mat. More than exploring the physical practice in my teaching, and seeking a greater awareness of conscious movement, my passion lies in sharing the deeper philosophy and ancient teachings that take us to a more subtle and profound understanding of ourselves, drawing us closer to our original state of being. 

“Amy brings a calming presence to her teaching, whilst challenging students both physically and mentally, offering ways to both ground + find our centre, as well as expand beyond our perceived limitations. She links the ancient practices of Yoga with how we can access these ideas in our modern lives.” ~ Beloved Student

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